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Getting Started with WizeDec: Pricing, Plans, and Insights

  • Flexible pricing options:

WizeDec offers flexible pricing options tailored to your account size, ensuring fair access to our trading bots. Smaller accounts can pay less while enjoying the same performance benefits as larger accounts.

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  • Plan Selection and Customization:

Choose the percentage of your portfolio you allocate to WizeDec Bots and select your plan accordingly. You can make plan changes at any time in our customer portal, and we'll adjust your active subscription to align with your current plan. No need to wait for your subscription date to make modifications without the concern of extra charges.

  • Understanding the Cost and Returns of Investing in WizeDec:

Like any investment, whether it's in the stock market, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, real estate, or WizeDec trading bots, there are no guarantees of profits. While we've put our best efforts into developing WizeDec algorithms to maximize your crypto market profits and continue daily improvements, it's essential to acknowledge that losses can occur and it is part of the process. Just as with any other investment, adopting a long-term perspective is key, allowing our bots to recover from previous losses and deliver consistent monthly returns on average.


Avg. monthly  
return USDT:*

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Cost (€)

"WizeDec 500"

"WizeDec 1000"

"WizeDec 2000"

"WizeDec 3000"

"WizeDec 4000"

"WizeDec 5000"

"WizeDec 6000"

"WizeDec 7000"

"WizeDec 8000"

"WizeDec 9000"

"WizeDec 10000"

25 €

50 €

100 €

150 €

200 €

250 €

300 €

350 €

400 €

450 €

500 €


The historical average monthly return (≈ +30%) is computed based on the results of all 52 available trading bots, utilizing the maximum capital accessible in the pricing plan. Each bot has a record of performance over the past 20 months available for review.

WizeDec does not guarantee any results, and past performance does not guarantee future performance!

The calculation of each bot's average monthly performance is carried out using the formula: the sum of the individual historical performances over the past 20 months is divided by 20 (the total number of months).

The total average monthly return for all of WizeDec's bots is then computed by summing up all the individual bots' monthly averages and dividing by the total number of bots, which is 52.


Each bot's monthly performance on WizeDec varies from month to month, and there is no guarantee of achieving any gains. You can view the monthly performance of each bot on the Bots page.

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