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Getting Started with WizeDec:
Pricing and Insights

All new users joining WizeDec do no need to provide credit card details or any other payment information.


Every month at first day, your account will be temporarily disabled. To reactivate your account, simply pay due amount that is sent to your e-mail to settle the WizeDec fee, and your account will be promptly reactivated.


If you decide not to continue using WizeDec,

no additional action is necessary.

You are entitled to retain any profits earned,

and your account will remain disabled.

Flexible Pricing -
Pay Based on Profits

At WizeDec, our pricing structure is designed to reflect your portfolio's performance, ensuring equitable fees and transparent charges for all users. You'll only incur a commission to WizeDec, which is calculated based on your net profits over the past 30 days from your closed trades.

After every 30-day period, WizeDec will issue you an invoice, charging a fee of 30% based on your net profits.




For example:

If your net profit from closed trades over the past 30 days amounts to 500€, WizeDec will send you an invoice for 150€.

Additional Information

  • Calculating Profits:

Your profits are determined by WizeDec through the summation of all closed trades conducted within your account. 

Profits encompass any residual amounts, often referred to as "dust," that may remain from trades. It's important to note that Binance trading fees are not factored into the profit calculation process by WizeDec.

  • Payment Process:

Upon registration, WizeDec will forward an invoice to the email address you provided. In this email, you'll find instructions to pay performance fee in cryptocurrency. 

  • Non-payment Consequences:

It is imperative to settle the invoice within 7 days. Failure to do so will result in the temporary disabling of your WizeDec account. During this period, further trades will be suspended until payment is successfully processed.


  • Binance PnL and WizeDec PnL represent distinct metrics and are computed in different ways:

Binance PnL:

Binance's Profit and Loss (PnL) reflects your portfolio's performance, including both realized and unrealized gains or losses. It considers your current holdings, including any open trades and cryptocurrencies within your account. Therefore, if you have holdings or ongoing trades with WizeDec that have not been closed, they may impact your current Binance PnL.


WizeDec PnL:

On the other hand, WizeDec calculates profits solely based on closed trades. The WizeDec PnL focuses exclusively on completed transactions, disregarding any ongoing trades or holdings within your account. As a result, it provides a clear picture of your profits based on finalized trades managed by WizeDec.

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