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This is a guide on how to start using WizeDec in six easy steps outlined below.

While setting up WizeDec is a quick process that should not take longer than 3 minutes, it's crucial to read and follow these steps carefully.

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Generate new Binance API keys

✓ Enable Spot & Margin Trading

✓ Restrict API access to:

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VIDEO: Creating API keys

Sign Up To WizeDec using the Trading Portal page. After verifying your e-mail you can Log in to your account. 

Navigate to your Profile page, under "Binance Credentials" click on Edit and insert your generated API keys to corresponding cells.

WizeDec Trading Portal Screenshot

After that navigate to your profile page and change your "Total Capital" to a number that you allocate WizeDec to use. Minimum value: 700

Image from WizeDec Guide page

VIDEO: Connecting API keys and Starting a Bot

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