The past is our best and only tool for predicting the future, but past performance is no guarantee of future results.


To save WizeDec users time and make using WizeDec easy as possible, we have exported all 30min chart risk level data from list of cryptocurrencies we shared on our “how to use WizeDec” page.


WizeDec works well on all timeframes but we strongly recommend using a 30-minute timeframe for optimal use. We have tested the consistency and reliablility of the 30-minute timeframe the most. This timeframe is also the most used and traded timeframe by our users. 

Cryptocurrencies are presented in alphabetical order and every ticker is presented on two pages - Risk Levels 1-8 are seen on the first page and levels 9-16 are shown on the second page with all results being sorted by profitability.


Find yourself a suitable currency to trade, check the risk level from the top left corner and choose a template that fits your trading style. Then go ahead and put those settings into the input window of WizeDec Pro. If everything looks good, then you can move on to setting alerts for that setup.


To avoid any errors, please read the “How To Use WizeDec” page carefully and make sure you have understood everything there before you start trading any crypto with WizeDec.

Latest update 23.08.2022