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Works with WizeDec Lite 3.1 and up


WizeDec.Trading is our automated tool designed to transform your TradingView alerts into trades on your Binance account. You can access WizeDec.Trading both on our website and directly at

WizeDec.Trading is not only committed to adhering to the best industry standards, but we prioritize the security of your assets and data at all times. We employ advanced encryption methods and robust cybersecurity protocols, making our platform as secure as leading cryptocurrency exchanges. You can trade with confidence, knowing that your assets and information are protected. When you choose to use WizeDec.Trading, please take a moment to review our terms and conditions, conveniently located in the footer of our website.

Below you will find full tutorial how to use

Sing up

  • Sing Up to WizeDec Webhook 

  • Insert your TradingView username you are using WizeDec with

  • After signing up you have to verify your e-mail. Click on the link you recived and after that you will be able to log in to Webhook.

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 14.13.59.png
  • Go to your Binance account and generate new API keys

  • Enable "Spot and Margin Trading"

  • restrict access to trusted IP 

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 14.03.13.png

WizeDec.Trading inputs

  • This is your unique ID to connect your TradingVew and our Webhook for automation. More info on "How to use" page.

  • Click on "Edit" and insert your generated API keys and click "Update". It may take a second but your API key will be visible after updating.

  • "Maximum trades open" (1-7)

    If this value is set to 5, it indicates that the maximum number of tickers that can trade simultaneously, regardless of active alerts on TradingView, is 5. The WizeDec webhook intelligently recognizes open tickers and ensures that new ones don't initiate until the existing ones conclude. 

  • "Profile" page is explained below

  • "Trades" page allow you to view and manage your active trades

  • "Total Capital (USDT"

  • The "Total Capital" input allows you to specify how much of your capital you'd like WizeDec to manage and trade on your behalf. If the "Maximum trades open" is set to 5, the minimum "Total Capital" should be 1000 USDT. For each increment in the "Maximum trades open" value, the required "Total Capital" increases by 200 USDT, as each ticker requires a minimum capital of 200 USDT for trading.

    Maximum trades open 1 = Minimum Total capital 200 USDT
    Maximum trades open 2 = Minimum Total capital 400 USDT
    Maximum trades open 3 = Minimum Total capital 600 USDT
    Maximum trades open 4 = Minimum Total capital 800 USDT
    Maximum trades open 5 = Minimum Total capital 1000 USDT.

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 14.29.51.png
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